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Mili Crochet Hook Case Silk CHLOE Grey Aqua

Mili Crochet Hook Case Silk CHLOE Grey Aqua

RRP: £16.70
Our Price: £3.24

Designed to keep crochet hooks and double point needles safe, tidy and easily accessible.

2 different length pockets mean you can store all your needles/hooks in one case, each pocket is 2.5cm wide and the largest pocket will accommodate a 7.5" / 19cm needle.

Will fit 18 different sizes (9 on each row).

Hand-dyed 100% Silk.

The case is in a grey colour with complimenting lining fabric. The case can be folded or rolled and secured with ties.

Size: 23cm H (excluding flap) x 22cm W.

The case is empty, hook and contents not included.

This case will fit 9 x Knit Pro Soft Grip Hooks or the Clover Amour on the bottom row.

WAS £12.99 (now 75% OFF original price)
WAS £6.49