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Mothers Day Gifts

Knit Pro ZING Interchangeable Deluxe Set
Red and Blue Case with 8 Knitting Needle tips, 4 Cables and Accessories
Knit Pro Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Deluxe Set
8 Knitting Needle tips, 4 Cables & Accessories
Knit Pro Royale Deluxe Interchangeable Set
Paris Theme Case with 8 Knitting Needle tips, 4 Cables and Accessories
Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook Set - GETAWAY Case & Hooks
This set contains 1 Case and 8 Soft Touch Crochet Hooks 2.5mm-6.0mm.
Purplelinda Crochet Hook 22 Set and Purple Case
Set of 22 Crochet Hooks - 12 anodized aluminium and 10 steel hooks. Including Free purple case.
Tulip Etimo ROSE Crochet Hook Set
Cushion Grip Crochet 10 Hook Set with Case, Needles and Scissors.
HOOT Owl Knitting Pin Tunisian Hook Case (Tube)
Knitting Pin Case 10 x 42 x 5.5cm
HOOT Owl Knitting Bag (Oblong)
knitting bag: 14 x 44.5 x 16.5cm.
HOOT Owl Bamboo Knitting Needle Set - Knit Pin Zip Case (Filled)
10 pairs bamboo knitting needles and owl design case. 2.75mm - 6.5mm.
Knitting Board All n One Loom Round and Sock 18 inch
Knitting Board Round Loom and Sock Loom.
KB ZIPPY Loom BUNDLE Special Price
Zippy Loom Package from the Authentic Knitting Board
HAT LOOM Authentic Knitting Board Modular 4 in 1 Loom
4 in 1 modular loom for hats, accessories and more!
Sirdar Snowflake Hippopotamus Toy Knitting KIT
Cute Hippo to knit in Snowflake DK.
Sirdar Rabbit Toy Knitting KIT
Knitted Rabbit KIT 48cm
Prym Knitting Mill MIDI 624168
Large Knitting Gadget, knits tubes & flat panels fast.
addi Click BASIC Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set
Set of 10 pairs, 3 gold cords, connector and case.
Clover TAKUMI Combo Set Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles
12 pairs of needles, cables and Luxury case.
Contemporary Notions Bamboo Crochet Hook Set and Case Filled
Filled Crochet Hook Roll Case with 9 Bamboo Hooks. 4.5mm - 10mm.
Spring Flowers Knitting Crochet CRAFT Bag
Knitting Bag 11 x 42 x 31.5 cm
Contemporary Notions Knitting Crochet CRAFT Bag
Knitting Bag 11 x 43 x 33.5 cm
Spring Flowers Yarn Ball Holder PVC Knitting Crochet Bag
knitting bag: 14 x 14 x 22cm.
DMC Natura XL Circular Rug Crochet KIT
KIT to make Rug 90cm x 90cm in Natura XL Chunky Cotton.
Crochet Flower Motif Throw Colour Pack KIT Giza 4ply - FREE Pattern
Crocheted Throw and Cushion in King Cole Giza Cotton 4ply.
DMC Natura XL Decorative Rug Crochet KIT
Circular Rug 110cm Natura XL Chunky Cotton.
DMC Natura Tiny Tatty Teddy Amigurumi Crochet KIT
Tiny Tatty Teddy from popular Me to You range.
Seahorse KIT in Natura XL Yummy Colors.
Sirdar Ophelia Fluffy Teddy Bear Crochet Kit GREY
Bear approx 26cm made in Ophelia shade Kitty Grey.
Learn to Cro-Tat Book & Hook
Annies Crochet 16210X. Includes size 6 cro-tat hook
Granny Square Book - Margaret Hubert
Timeless techniques and fresh ideas for crocheting square by square.