Tulip Classic 2 Crochet Sorbet Hook Set 13pc
13pc Crochet Hook Set in case with needles, scissors and ruler.
Tulip Etimo Rose LACE Crochet Hook Set
Rose Lace Cushion Grip Crochet 10 Hook Set with Case, Needles and Scissors.
Tulip Sucre Bead Crochet Hooks Set
Set of 5 cushion grip hooks - 0.90mm - 1.75mm, comes in Pink Dot case.
Tulip Crochet Sorbet Hook Set Solid Pink
Set of 5 double ended hooks in case with Scissors, needles and stitch markers.


If you love to Crochet Purplelinda Crafts is the site for you.

Unlike other websites I mainly sell items for Crocheting, not just for Crochet I have a range of items for Hand Knitting, Loom Knitting, Stitching and other Crafts. My aim is to get more people crafting, show your child or grandchild the skills you have learned or work on something new together. Crafting is a very therapeutic pastime and enjoyed by young and old. I am adding new items all the time so please check back.


Sirdar Alpine Bomber Jacket Knitting Pattern 8281
Bomber Jacket in Sirdar Alpine 32-54in.
Sirdar Alpine Fur Yarn 408 Mink
Alpine a Luxe Fur Effect Super Chunky Yarn
Rico Ricorumi Tiger Crochet Kit
Rico Ricorumi Baby Tiger Crochet Kit to make cute Amigurumi creature
Rico Ricorumi Bunny Rabbit Crochet Kit
Rico Ricorumi Bunny Rabbit Crochet Kit to make cute Amigurumi creature
Rico Ricorumi Puppy Dog Crochet Kit
Rico Ricorumi Puppy Dog Crochet Kit to make cute Amigurumi creature
Recycled Polyester Craft Toy Filling 250g
Recycled polyester craft filling for toys and cushions, soft, clean and washable. 
King Cole Riot Virus Shawl Crochet Pattern 5335
Virus Shawl crocheted in King Cole Riot DK yarn.
King Cole RIOT DK 3174 Chameleon
A Riot of colourful multi-tonal shades - 30% Wool 70% Premium Acrylic, 100g = 294m
King Cole Tufty ALPACAS Knitting Pattern 9115
Cute Alpacas to Knit in King Cole Tufty super chunky yarn.
King Cole Tufty 2796 Beige
Tufty Super Chunky yarn - Soft and Huggable fleecy yarn.
King Cole Zig Zag SOCKS Knitting Pattern FREE 2019
Free with purchase of Zig Zag Sock Yarn.
King Cole ZIG ZAG 4ply 3241 Storm
King Cole Zig Zag 4ply Sock Wool 75% Superwash Wool and 25% Nylon. 100g = 448m.
Hoot Owl Crochet Bag
Crochet bag with hooks, great little project bag with owl design.
Hoot Owl Knitting Bag with storage
Knitting bag with Needles and fun Owl design