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Anchor Octopus Baby Collection, an octopus made in Anchor Creativa Fino, there are 7 friends in different colours: Lola, Rose, Milo, Hopi, Sunny, Lilo and Luma. These Octopi are designed so they can be given to premature babies, the idea behind it that it's tentacles are like an umbilical cord and keeps baby calm and the feeling of being safe.

Kit contains 2 balls of Creativa Fino, Black cotton for features, 3.0mm Crochet hook and 14g of quality toy filling to make these little cuties. Basic instructions with the stitches in diagram form.

Scientists have proved that colours have influences over our minds and bodies, I hope this will help you choose the right colour for your Octopus.
  • Lola - Light Blue and Orange (Security and Optimism) = I will protect you and give you strength!
  • Rose - Red and Pink (Love and Gentleness) = I Love You!
  • Milo - Orange and Denim Blue (Strength and Trust) = What a Wonderful World!
  • Hopi - Green and Bright Pink (Hope and Energy) = Enjoy Life!
  • Sunny - Yellow and Blue (Joy and Vitality) = Be Happy!
  • Lilo - Mint and Green (Serenity and Hope) = I believe in you!
  • Luma - White and Dark Blue (Peace and Trust) = Total serenity!


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Octopus Crochet Kit made in Anchor Creativa Fino.