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CONTACT Purplelinda Crafts

Before you contact us, please check the below help pages to answer your query:

Delivery costs

How do I collect and redeem loyalty points?

How can I check my order status?

How do I return products

There are several ways you can contact Purplelinda Crafts, you can email direct at 
contact@purplelindacrafts.co.uk, reply to your confirmation order email or leave a message against your order (while it is still pending).

We normally email back within 5 working days, if you would like to leave a message against your order you can do so while it is pending, for example you may have ordered one unit instead of two, or you may need your order by a certain date. Login to Your Account (top right hand side of front page), just enter your email address and order number. Once the order page is open move down the page and you will see a message box, just leave a quick message and it will be printed off with your order, if you leave the message when the order is past the pending stage I will not see your message.

Or write to:

Purplelinda Crafts,
Unit 4, 15 Lotland Street,
Please note that we only accept orders online, please do not post an order to us as we can only process Credit/Debit Cards thought the website and do not accept cheques or postal orders.

We do not take orders or queries by telephone.