Damaged yarn bundles

Reduced bundles of Yarn you will get a random choice of balls with damaged or missing ball bands, the ball bands are so thin and gets cut from a loose end of pops where the ball band was folded, even after taping they look a bit tacky so reducing them to clear. You will not get exactly the same as the photo just a guide to give you an idea of what you will be receiving. ONLY 2 PER CUSTOMER ORDER. 
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Damaged yarn bundles
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Patons FAB DK Damaged Bundles
5 x 100g balls Patons Fab DK - Great value yarn
Patons Cotton DK Damaged Bundle
5 x balls Patons 100% Cotton DK Knitted on 4mm Needles
King Cole Baby COMFORT DK Damaged Bundle
Comfort DK 60% Supersoft Acrylic & 40% Supersoft Nylon - Approx 310 metres per 100g ball